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Artfrica is a website that connects its clients with artists who specialize in capturing the emotion, culture, and beauty of Africa in their pieces. Each artist is carefully selected by Artfrica and has their own message to contribute to this area of art through their partnership with the website. With 80+ pieces of luxury artwork and some currently in the making, Artfrica’s growing base of artists continues to stun its clients. And while each piece is uniquely enchanting in its own way, the true goal of this website is to give voice to these artists on a global level. This website was created because of the lack of global resources in Africa. Artists do not always have access to the internet or financial means needed in order to produce content on their own websites. Because the areas that these artists live in may not always have equal access to the internet, it is difficult to gain new clients and keep them aware of new pieces that they are releasing. This lack of communication between local clients and the artists makes it very difficult for them to stay in contact, update clients, and continue doing the work they love. Without a proper base of clients, the artists struggle to make ends meet in order to support their passions and continue spreading their voices. Artfrica does the job of sourcing global clients for them. Then, it provides a marketplace for these talented artists to impress their new and potential clients, spread messages about their history, and introduce others to their cultures and points of view. Through this, artists are able to continue painting, sculpting and carving – which in-turn allows their voices to continue being heard. Art such as this is increasingly becoming more valuable as the importance of different ways of life, history and traditions are emphasized in popular culture today. An online art gallery may help demonstrate more than just gorgeous landscapes and long-held traditions. These pieces can also reveal the suffering of Africa as well as the struggles of individual artists and their countries. For example, while one painting Mother Africa is Crying, (Daddyisme, 2020) showcases an eye, crying over a landscape, another painting such as Mother Playing Guitar, (Daddyisme, 2022) shows a mother happily singing to her child. Each painting has its own mood, tone, and meaning. These paintings are done by the same artist, but both tell drastically different stories. This is what makes these paintings so unique, special and valuable. Artfrica is quickly becoming a more and more popular place for people all around the world to purchase these pieces from artists that may not have ever had the opportunity to reach such audiences. This relationship between the client and artist is vital for the continuity of their artwork. Artfrica does not just showcase artwork though. They also have a myriad of different baskets, drums, and figurines that are central to the culture and art style of Africa. Most of their baskets consist of wire or banana leaf and will add a pop of color to your home. Their drums are made with cowhide and other natural resources – giving buyers the sounds and feel of traditional African music. Their figurines, carved from wood or metal, look beautiful on any shelf or coffee table. Each figurine is designed to have some significance to African tradition. Some are shaped as animals like giraffes or even women carrying baskets over their heads. The addition of these stunning wooden carvings truly captures the landscapes and customs of Africa. You may also wish to shop by collection if you are someone who prefers each aspect of your décor to compliment the others. Artfrica’s artists are consistently coming out with new collections in their personal galleries so that buyers can match their pieces together or even tell a story through the different paintings, carvings, and sculptures they have. Currently there are 12 artists currently creating pieces as well as 6 new artists connected with Artfrica. Everyday this online gallery strives to find new and intriguing forms of art that will interest their diverse group of clients. If you are looking to purchase one or more of these pieces, you can easily do so by adding your chosen items to your cart and checking out on our website, Being able to support artists local to Africa is a great way to help keep African art and culture alive all around the world.