Contemporary African Art

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Contemporary African Art

With so many countries, cultures, traditions, and people in Africa, it's difficult to categorize the continent's art; especially Contemporary African Art. This melting pot is pouring out some extremely talented artists with very eclectic styles and the art world is starting to take notice.

So what constitutes contemporary art, let alone, contemporary African art. Contemporary art can be defined as modern art or today's art. Contemporary artists are influenced by cultural diversity, utilizing different mediums, materials, techniques, concepts, and subjects to push cultural boundaries affecting global societies. With all the cultural identity that Africa represents, Contemporary African Artist are building bridges that strengthen Africa's importance on the world stage. Pushing past the colonial preconceptions of traditional tribal art, contemporary African art encompasses a wide range of styles rooted in the views of those that call Africa home.

With the growth of the internet and the expanding reach of social media, burgeoning artists are now able to conveniently showcase their work and attract the eyes of the global art market. Unfortunately, due to the limited infrastructure in some areas of Africa, artists may have limited access to the internet let alone social media. To highlight their artwork, websites like Artfrica unify talented artists from diverse regions of Africa and with the goal bring not only their art but the story behind their art to the world stage. With this support, local artists can concentrate and cultivate their craft, pushing for their rightful place in the world's art scene. This untapped wealth of cultural history has plenty of room to grow as eCommerce opens the doors for a way to sell their work internationally as well as accumulate some collectors. Artfrica has curated works of art in paintings, carvings, sculptures, baskets, and more for you to peruse and shop online in the comfort of your home while helping to support the artist, their culture, and their history.


Paintings By African Artist Fabrice


Why decorate your walls with posters when you can have original, one-of-a-kind works of art and help support an up-and-coming African artist. Join the emerging collector base that recognizes the raw talent of ambitious artists throughout the different regions of Africa. Their inherent style and subject matter inspired by their life's journey and heritage give a deeper meaning of what it means to be African today.