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History of African Art and Why you Should Buy It?

African Art in your Home Space: Where Should you Buy It?

One of the most beautiful and rich legacies on earth, African art has a diverse history that spans thousands of years. Originating from the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Nubia, and Kush, African art embodies a diverse set of cultures and traditions.


As the Nubian civilization expanded to the Nile River – modern-day Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia, unique art forms emerged including paintings, jewelry, metalwork, pottery, and sculptures emerged. The Nubians also built temples, palaces, and pyramids.


African art has also been heavily shaped by colonialism, slavery, and political and economic upheaval during the 19th and 20th centuries. During this period, a lot of the traditional forms of art were lost.


The 20th century saw a significant change in the art climate with the emergence of the "modernist" art movement and “cubism”. African artists began incorporating elements of European modernism into their work – thereby creating a blended form of art depicting both African and European styles.


Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Jean Dubuffet were some of the artists that were heavily influenced by African art. These artists were moved by the forms of abstraction presented in the African art, including asymmetry by balance, and primitivism – which was later hinted in the work of these artists as well.

African Art Today

The landscape of African art today is very rich and diverse – depicting ancient art, culture, contemporary realities, politics, and social issues.


Issues such as colonialism, globalization, gender, and identity are often the main subjects of African art. Many African artists use their work as a means of challenging stereotypes and combatting social injustice.


Art enthusiasts around the world are showing an increasing interest in African art with some works selling for millions of dollars.

African Paintings for your Home Space

African art has been admired for centuries, and it reflects the continent's rich cultural heritage. A touch of African culture and beauty in your home can be a great addition to your space.


If you are interested in purchasing African paintings, do your research and work with a reputable dealer or gallery to ensure that you are getting a fair price for the artwork.


Artfrica has an amazing online art gallery featuring paintings from emerging and established artists. All art and decor items are imported directly from countries throughout Africa and support the artist and craftsmen that reside there.


Artfrica prides itself on producing high-quality African crafts that are handmade by African artists. The platform provides unique and genuine pieces of African art and only features art from African artists who rely on art for their living.


Whether you are looking for decor for your living room, bedroom, or lounge, Artfrica has a variety of paintings suitable for any space and corner.


African art lovers, enthusiasts, and collectors can browse through the website's gallery to find unique pieces of African art to purchase or invest in. The website also provides a platform for African artists to showcase their work and gain more visibility in the international art scene.


Look, an astounding piece created by Willy Karekezi – Rwandan Artist, focuses on human interactions. His paintings also depict how people move in modern days.


Strong political and social work such as We are one and Mother Africa is Crying by Daddyisme pulls the viewer's attention to stop and reflect on the various intricate subjects of the paintings.


Moses’ work is inspired by textile art as he weaves elements of textile into his paintings such as the Sound of Silence and Flocking Together.


From Mufasa’s mane to warrior horses and hope for the destitute, Artfrica features a diverse set of paintings from various African artists.


Buy at Artfrica and grace your walls with beautiful African art created by strong and passionate African artists.

Why Should I Buy African Art?

Adding African art to your home is a unique way to express your appreciation for the African culture. Due to its rich history, African art pieces carry stories of people’s traditions, beliefs, and cultures.